Household Life Hacks

Household Life Hacks

Household Life Hacks

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Make your home a bit more user friendly and organized with these household life hacks.
To keep a door open, cross a rubber band over the knobs. Now unloading groceries is easier.enhanced-buzz-4635-1382109847-24

Turn a sock into a dry mopenhanced-buzz-4652-1382110348-24

Use a squeegee to get pet hair off carpetenhanced-buzz-4670-1382109895-22

Put strips of acrylic-latex caulk on carpets. It will help prevent slipping.enhanced-buzz-4676-1382110011-23

Magazine racks to sort your sandals!enhanced-buzz-4676-1382110293-25

Use nail polish to differentiate keysenhanced-buzz-5891-1382051264-7

Hangers make great wire storage. enhanced-buzz-6738-1382051203-24

Hang your jeans from shower hooks so you can see them easilyenhanced-buzz-6893-1382110150-33 enhanced-buzz-8561-1381964545-2

Use a show organizer in the pantry for items that don’t stack well.enhanced-buzz-16155-1382109549-34

Use two coat hangers to hand your ironing boardenhanced-buzz-16415-1382109628-16Thumbtacks will keep your baggies and garbage bags tidyenhanced-buzz-19170-1382110060-34 Glue a magnet on the bottom of your hammer to hold your nailsenhanced-buzz-26481-1381966015-4

Put a stick-on command hook on a high chair to hang bibs.enhanced-buzz-26507-1381965591-12


Use ice cubes to take indentations out of carpetenhanced-buzz-28757-1381963963-14 Protect your car door and your garage wall with a half of a foam noodle. enhanced-buzz-29840-1381963876-0

Keep a little extra paint in a baby jar when you paint a room to use for touchups.enhanced-buzz-30908-1381963430-2

Keep plastic bags or garbage bags tidy in a tissue boxenhanced-buzz-31131-1381964026-7

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